Brian Murphy


Brian lives in Grafton, WV with his wife Tracie and their German shorthaired pointer Chloe. He is the father of four and is a proud grandfather of three.

He has always had a love for the outdoors. Whether it be hunting, fishing, riding ATV’s, or hiking, he feels blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy all that God has provided.

He has hunted since he was about 8, and has hunted in many different places. Mostly in WV, but has recently ventured into Ohio. One thing he cherishes, is not forgetting where it all started and who it all started with.

“I can remember as a young boy hunting in Tucker Co., WV with my dad, grandpa, and my brother Jack, thinking it was so cool to see all the deer, squirrels, and all the other beautiful sights in the woods.” “And even though it’s not the most popular thing to do while hunting, I was no different than any other kid…I asked questions. Sometimes too many and sometimes they had nothing to do with why we were there, but both dad and/or grandpa were eager to teach me “how it was done!””

Many years have passed since then, but the feeling is still the same.And the question that he asked often as a child, he still finds himself asking to this day…”is it hunting season yet?”

The lessons learned throughout the years have been too many to name, but he feels that the most important one he ever learned was that harvesting an animal is good, but it isn’t always a necessity. “Just being able to get together with family and friends sharing those experiences is all that really matters.”

“Can’t wait to get started down a new path, filming with my brother and the rest of the crew, showing others how much fun we get to have while doing what we love!”

God Bless