Brian Smith


Brian Smith is 36 yrs. old and lives in Wellsburg, W.V. and was raised there his whole life! He worked as a union iron worker and as a millwright in a steel mill for many years. He currently works for First Energy at the Hatfield Ferry power plant in Masontown, Pa.  in the maintenance dept. He loves diesel trucks, mud racing, riding quads, riding his harley, playing guitar, hunting, fishing and most of all spending as much time as possible with his 8yr old son Bryce!

Brian was introduced to hunting by his father at a very young age, shot his very first whitetail, a 7pt, when he was only 8 yrs old with a 4-10 slug gun that his dad had to cut part of the stock off just so it would fit him! He also harvested his first doe with bow at the age of 9, he will never forget the bow he used, it was a bright white woman’s target bow with gold arrows! His father took a can of black spray paint and painted the entire bow for a custom camo paint job! Brian’s passion for bow hunting has only grown stronger over the years. He loves up close encounters and the challenge that he gets from  bowhunting, trying to outsmart a big mature bucks and get him within 30 yards of your stand and adding a camera on top of that makes for a  great challenge! Now he wants to share his passion of the outdoors with everyone through the lens of a camera!

 “I do not hunt for the joy of killing but for the joy of living, and the inexpressible pleasure of mingling my life however briefly, with that of a wild creature that I respect, admire and value.” -John Madson