Garry Stevens – Pro Staff


Garry Stevens was born and raised in Anmoore West Virginia. He was lucky to have been raised by a family that appreciated the outdoor lifestyle. He started out accompanying his grandfather on several squirrel hunting trips,  learning about safety and the woods. Garry’s interests broadened to deer and turkey hunting. He loves to share his love of the outdoors with family and friends and is also always willing to introduce others to the outdoors. Garry says “There is nothing like being in the woods as it comes to life in the morning. Something everyone should get to experience.” He has been fortunate to have traveled to other states pursuing game. Garry’s hobbies include hunting and fishing (of all types), kayaking and camping. His love for the outdoors has led him to a position with Ben Pearson Archery where he is looking forward to meeting a lot of people that share his same interest