Jimmy Riffle – Pro Staff

I live in Taylor Co, WV with my wife Brittany and son Luke.

I have always loved the outdoors and was introduced to hunting and fishing at a young age.  I spent a lot of time on my grandparent’s farm and an uncle once told me he never saw me without either a gun or fishing pole in my hands.  My first successful hunt was a solo hunt at the age of 12.  I harvested my first squirrel with a .410 my grandmother bought me and that only grew my passion for hunting.  I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps right after 9/11 and my time outdoors changed significantly.  My cousin bought me a Hoyt as a welcome home gift and my passion switched from firearms to archery.  Growing up we didn’t take photos all that often, so memories are what I have to remember the great times hunting with family and friends.  My wife Brittany has been a great support knowing that my time hunting is therapy and I enjoy hunting with my son Luke.  My son switches roles from hunter to cameraman at times, but either way it’s nice having him beside me. 

I hope to not only be successful in harvesting game and capturing it on film, but also show the beauty of the outdoors, and share the memories with others.