Jim Davis – Pro Staff


“A hunt based only on trophies taken falls far short of what the ultimate goal should be.”  Fred Bear.

Co-Founder Jim Davis lives in Clarksburg, WV. His hobbies include bass fishing and hunting whitetail deer and turkey. Jim also enjoys camping with his family; wife, Lynn and 4 children, Jimmy, Katie, Hunter and Tanner. Jim says, “I can remember hunting squirrels with my father when I was young. We hunted on our family property in West Virginia not far from the house I grew up in and I have been hooked ever since.  As I got older I started hunting deer with a gun and bow with my life long friend Dave Bunnell.  I was 16 when I killed my first deer; it was with a 45 caliber muzzle loader, a big doe.  I am truly thankful my father took the time to pass on the hunting heritage to me. I am proud to say I have successfully passed the heritage on to my 3 sons who have taken squirrel, deer and turkey.  I cannot explain the passion I have for the outdoors and I am very thankful to be able to spend time in God’s great creation.  I can tell you I look forward to and enjoy my time in the woods with family and friends, trying to capture the hunts and their excitement on film for memories that will last a lifetime.  It’s not just about the kill, it’s all about the journey to get there that’s important. Safe Hunting!”

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